Take control of the People's Republic of the 40.47 Hectare Forest by manipulating and eliminating your rivals! Win by either having the most influence at the end of the game, or by being the last one standing.

Made for Wizard Jam 4!

Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hilarious character descriptions. ^_^ The 40.47 hectare forest sounds like an enchanted neighborhood.

(Possible bug report, it seemed like maybe some of the other players were trying to purge characters who were already eliminated from the game. But maybe that's just because they've got some *real* serious grudges. o_o)

Hey, thanks so much!

Yeah, that's definitely not a "feature" lol. I'm a bit of a programming scrub, so the AI is suuuper rough around the edges and isn't terribly responsive to what's happening in the game. (But if anyone asks, it's the grudges. All the grudges.)

lol - it was great, like a round of Love Letter :) Great job!!!

Thanks! This is the first time I've Wizard Jam-ed and the community is so amazing. Definitely going to do my best to get through as many of the other submissions as I can this weekend!

I just loaded it up. I haven't even completed any actions yet and I'm smitten. What style and creativity! Great job, regardless of how it plays, lol! I'll check back in once I'm done.