A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

It is the height of the Cold War.

You and up to four other players are secret agents in Europe. Your allegiance is to yourself, and yourself only.

You must pit the US and USSR against each other to rise to the top. The player with the most influence with the more powerful faction is the winner. Every round there will be a crisis between the two factions. One agent can swing the balance, but both factions will reward all their agents with influence win or lose. Try to figure out which side that important agent will side with, and you can ride their coattails to victory.

Influence is split between ALL agents working for a faction on a mission, so you will need to try to misdirect the other agents to win the lion's share of the influence. Once per game, you can TURNCOAT! to exchange all of your points with one faction for a large point boost with the other. However, all players will be notified when this happens, and may start working against you!

Built for TOJam 2017 using Unity and the Captain's Mess Networking Library: https://github.com/hengineer/CaptainsMess

Install instructions

Download and unzip the game & data files, making sure to keep everything in one folder!

For the LAN, make sure all users are connected to the same WiFi network when you hit the "Play" button.


InFromTheCold-MAC.zip 28 MB
InFromTheCold-PC.zip 24 MB